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Term Life
A type of life insurance policy that is not whole life or written to cover the whole remainder of the insured's lifetime, but instead is written to cover only a period of time. Often that period of time is a set number of years, such as 1 year, 10 years or 20 years. At other times, the policy is written for a term that expires at a specified age, for example, when the insured turns 65. Contact us

Universal Life
A combination of monthly term life insurance plus possible savings in an arrangement that provides limited flexibility as to death benefits and premium payment. Contact us

Medical Insurance (individual and group)
Insurance providing for payment of medical, surgical, and hospital expenses. Contact us

Short Term Medical
A policy period of less than one year. Contact us

Disability Income
A form of coverage which provides benefits to employees disabled by sickness or accident not related to employment. An extension of workers compensation acts in New York, New Jersey, California, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and Rhode Island. Contact us

Long Term Care
Sold either on a group or individual basis. Pays for nursing home or home health care costs including room, board and medical expenses. Contact us


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